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Why know about your dominant Multiple Intelligence before choosing a Career?

Intelligence means our intellectual potential that is inborn. It can be measured but cannot be changed easily. Harvard psychologist Howard Gardener gave a theory of Multiple Intelligence in 1983. Gardener has proposed nine types of Intelligence.

All humans have nine unique bits of Intelligence in various amounts. Each individual has a unique combination of all nine Intelligence. A person might be strong in a specific area but weak in another.

Learning about Multiple Intelligence can help you understand your strengths.

Nine Types of Multiple Intelligence are:

  • Visual-Spatial Intelligence: People with greater Visual-Spatial Intelligence are good at visualising things. Such people are good with directions, maps, charts, videos and pictures.

People with good Visual-Spatial Intelligence can:

  • Read and write for enjoyment.

  • Are good at solving puzzles.

  • Interpreting pictures, graphs and charts.

  • Enjoy drawing, painting and visual arts.

  • Recognise patterns quickly.

Suggested Careers for people with good Visual-Spatial Intelligence are:

  • Architecture

  • Artist

  • Engineer

  • Pilot

  • Surgeon

  • Interior Decoration

  • Linguistic-Verbal Intelligence: People who are strong in Linguistic -Verbal Intelligence can use words well both while speaking and writing.

People with good Linguistic-Verbal Intelligence can:

  • Remember written and spoken information.

  • Enjoy reading and writing.

  • They are good at debate and can explain things well.

  • They can use humour well.

Suggested Careers for people with good Linguist-Verbal Intelligence are :

  • Writer

  • Journalist

  • Lawyer

  • Teacher

  • Speaker

  • Curator

  • Logical-Mathematical Intelligence: People with good Logical-Mathematical Intelligence are good at reasoning, patterns, logical analysis of problems, relationships and patterns.

People with Logical-Mathematical Intelligence can:

  • Solve problems efficiently.

  • Enjoy solving abstract problems.

  • Can conduct scientific experiments effectively.

  • Can quickly solve complex computations.

The suggested careers for people with good Logical-Mathematical Intelligence are:

  • Scientists Mathematical

  • Mathematician

  • Computer Programmer

  • Engineer

  • Accountant

  • Statistician

  • Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence: People with high Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence are good at body movements, performing actions, and physical control. Such people have excellent hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

The people with good Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence are:

  • Good in Dance and sports.

  • Enjoy creating things with their hands.

  • Have excellent physical coordination.

  • Can remember by doing rather than listening and visualising.

The suggested careers for people with good Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence are:

  • Dancer

  • Sculptor

  • Builder

  • Actor

  • Athlete

  • Physical Therapist

  • Carpenter

  • Mechanic

  • Surgeon

  • Musical Intelligence: People with good Musical Intelligence are good at patterns, rhythms and sounds. They have a strong appreciation for music.

People with high Musical Intelligence can:

  • Enjoy singing and playing musical instruments.

  • Recognise musical patterns and tones.

  • Remember songs.

  • Have a strong understanding of musical rhythms and notes.

The suggested careers for people with high Musical Intelligence are:

  • Musician

  • Music Teacher

  • Composer

  • Singer

  • Conductor

  • DJ

  • Interpersonal Intelligence: The people with good Interpersonal Intelligence are good at understanding and interacting with other people. These people are good at understanding the emotions, desires and intentions of other people.

People with good Interpersonal Intelligence can:

  • Communicate well verbally.

  • Are good at non-verbal communication also.

  • Can see situations from different perspectives.

  • Can help in resolving conflicts.

The suggested careers for people good in Interpersonal Intelligence are:

  • Psychologists

  • Teacher

  • Manager

  • Public Relations

  • Philosopher

  • Counsellor

  • Salesperson

  • Politician

  • Intrapersonal Intelligence: People with high Intrapersonal Intelligence are good at being aware of their own emotions and feelings. They are good at introspection and self-reflection.

The people with high Intrapersonal Intelligence can:

  • Analyse their strengths and weaknesses well.

  • Enjoy analysing theories and ideas.

  • Understand the reason behind their motivations and feelings.

The suggested careers for people with greater Intrapersonal Intelligence are:

  • Philosopher

  • Writer

  • Theorist

  • Scientist

  • Therapist

  • Psychologist

  • Counsellor

  • Entrepreneur

  • Naturalistic Intelligence: People having vital Naturalistic Intelligence are more in the sink with nature. They love exploring the environment. They can easily find out relationships and patterns in the wilderness.

The people with more Naturalistic Intelligence can:

  • Understand Botany, Zoology and Biology easily.

  • Can categorise information easily.

  • Enjoy outdoor activities like gardening, camping, hiking etc.

The suggested careers for people with high Naturalist Intelligence are:

  • Biologists

  • Conservationist

  • Gardener

  • Farmer

  • Meteorologist

  • Geologist

  • Astronomer

  • Botanist

  • Zoologist

  • Existential Intelligence: This is the ability of an individual to have deep knowledge about the meaning of life and human existence.

The people with greater Existential Intelligence can

  • Be sensitive and can rationally address complex questions.

  • Can answer the questions related to our existence, the purpose of life, death and our place in the universe.

The suggested careers for the people with great Existential Intelligence are:

  • Pastor

  • Meditation Instructor

  • Yoga Instructor

  • Chaplain

  • Public Speaker

  • Philosopher

Many adults find themselves misfit in jobs as they cannot make optimal use of their most dominant Intelligence. Therefore the knowledge of your type of Intelligence has a strong implication.

The knowledge of Multiple Intelligence gives adults a new way to look at their lives. The people can know about their potential and choose a career accordingly. The insight of their dominant Intelligence will provide them with the opportunity to develop their hobbies and lead to self-development.

The knowledge of Multiple Intelligence types is not only crucial for an individual but also educators and parents. Identifying a student's Intelligence allows the instructors to select appropriate activities for the studies in the classroom and, therefore, helps them choose appropriate activities for the students in class and get better results.

Career Counselors use Multiple Intelligence as a reliable tool to know about their clients, and based on this analysis, they can suggest the most suitable career to their clients.

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