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Psychometric Tests

A psychometric test is any activity or assessment conducted on an individual to evaluate the skills, knowledge, abilities, personality traits, attitudes, job, and academic potentials to guide him on the best choice for him in academics and career. The psychometric tests include various tests like:

  • Learning Style Assessment

  • Multiple Intelligence Assessment

  • Personality Assessment

  • Stream Selector Assessment

  • Career Selector Assessment

Learning Style Assessment

The Learning Style Assessment test displays your learning and productivity preferences. The preferences are grouped into categories:

  • Sensory Preference: You learn with four senses. You may memorize with only one or two, but research shows that you benefit more when learning through multiple sensory modes.

    • Four modes are:

      • Auditory Learning: Learning through listening.

      • Kinesthetic Learning: Learning by movement and physical activity.

      • Tactile Learning: Learning by touching and handling objects.

      • Visual Learning: Learning by seeing.

  • Environmental Preference:

    • Intake: some people learn better if they can eat and drink something while learning.

    • Light: The amount of light in your learning environment can affect your achievement.

    • Temperature: By making sure that you are warm and cool enough, you can improve your success in learning.

    • Mobility: Some people learn better by moving around while others can concentrate while sitting.

    • Sound: Some people learn better with sound in the background while others in complete silence.

    • Physical settings: The physical settings of your physical environment directly affect your achievements.

    • Time of the Day: Success in learning can also be affected by the time of the day in which you study.

Multiple Intelligence Assessment

Every individual possesses different types of intelligence. They are

  • Kinesthetic Intelligence: It provides you with mind and body coordination to move your body and other objects.

  • Linguistic Intelligence: Linguistic Intelligence helps you understand and use language correctly in reading, writing, speaking, including sign language and braille.

  • Interpersonal Intelligence: This intelligence includes understanding and working with people, building relationship, communicating well verbally as well as non verbally.

  • Intrapersonal Intelligence: Intrapersonal Intelligence includes the ability to understand oneself- emotions, fears, motivations, strengths and weaknesses.

  • Musical Intelligence: This intelligence includes the ability to play an instrument or sing and several other skills such as recognizing tones, rhythms, beats, etc.

  • Existential Intelligence: Existential Intelligence is the ability to see the big picture in everything.

  • Spatial Intelligence: Spatial Intelligence includes identifying objects accurately, change and recreate images.

  • Naturalist: Naturalist intelligence involves recognizing, appreciating, and grouping different things in the environment.

  • Logical Intelligence: This intelligence includes the ability to reason inductively and deductively.

The Multiple Intelligence Assessment Test tells you about your superpowers and gives you advice based on your intelligence.

Personality Assessment

A personality assessment test is a method to know about human personality traits. Different personality traits are:

  • Introversion Vs Extraversion: It tells about how we interact with the world and direct our energy.

  • Sensing Vs Intuition: It tells about the kind of information we naturally focus on and remember.

  • Thinking Vs Feeling: It tells whether we make decisions logically and impersonally or use personal values.

  • Judging Vs Perceiving: Whether we take structured decisions or spontaneously.

The knowledge of the personality trait helps suggest the career that suits best with the individual's personality.

Stream Selector Assessment

This assessment test helps take the first and the most crucial decision before pursuing a career, i.e. the selection of stream- science with Math, Science with Biology, Commerce or Humanities. The Stream Selector Assessment includes an assessment of the Aptitude and Interest of the individual.

  • Aptitude: Aptitude is the natural ease of learning something. With hard work and determination, one can perform well in any field. However, having an attitude for a subject/career can make things much more manageable.

  • Interest: Interest is vital in choosing a career or occupation because interest keeps you motivated and engaged in work. Since work takes up most part of your life, and if you are not interested in what you are doing, you will become unhappy and unproductive.

Career Selector Assessment

The career selector test report has been scientifically designed and formulated by utilizing reliable and valid measures for accurate test results customized uniquely for each client. This report helps in matching the activity choices, presence of mind, particular life work situations choice and typical personality/image required as per different professions careers for which the test is conducted like commerce, engineering or humanities.

The assessment test also gives a brief knowledge about all available career options under commerce, engineering and humanities.

So, the first step to Career exploration is identifying your Aptitude, Interest and Personality. Online Psychometric tests for career guidance act as tools of self-exploration, awareness and the fundamental point of reference for Career Counselling. CLICK HERE FOR FREE DEMO.

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