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We Partner With You In Understanding & Fulfilling Your Aspirations
For Your Child’s Career

Family Trip


Hey parent, do you want to explore your child’s personality and talent?


Do you want to experience different career possibilities?


Do you want to help your child get into his/her dream career and college?

Choose a category below and find
the RIGHT SOLUTION for you and your child!

I Want To Discover My Child’s Potential
  • Understand your child’s aptitude & interests

  • Dive deep into discovering his/her talent and inclinations

  • Find the best career choices for him/her

I Want To Help My Child Experience & Understand
  • Help your child experience different online internships

  • Expose them to different career options

  • Give him/her a chance to discover the right career choice

I Want To Power My child To His/her Dream University
  • Help your child get admission to top colleges

  • Increase his/her chance of securing a scholarship

  • Get end-to-end expert assistance for college applications

  • Get scientific help for systematic career planning

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