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India's Leading Career Counselling & College Guidance Platform for K-12 Schools

We are RootsCare Foundation

Launched in 2017, RootsCare Foundation is India's foremost Education Consultants, providing need based solutions to schools, parents, students and individuals. With programs like "First Foundation Program", "Whole School Turnaround", "English Enhancement Program", "Math Skill Enhancement Program", "STEAM Program" & many more is trying to leave a mark in education industry. 

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Strategic Partnerships

We at RootsCare Foundation value our partners, who have always worked with us to support our mission. Our growing partner community includes some of the world's leading Education Research Companies. Through our combined synergies, we have been able to continuously offer value to schools, educators, students and parents.

Meet The Team


Arvind R. Rajput

  • Instagram

UCLA Certified Counsellor
Founder - Director

(RootsCare Foundation)

Educationist with 23 years of experience providing need based consultancy to schools.
Early Childhood Educator, Parenting Expert.


Kawalbir Kaur Pannu

  • Instagram

M.Sc (MHN), M.A.
Psychology, PGDHHM, PGMLS

Counsellor & Life Coach/Researcher with 12 years experience.
Specialist in Behavioral Counselling and Psychiatric related issues or disorders.


Laveena Rajput

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Guest Speaker
M.Ed.(Guidance & Counselling)

Seasoned Educationist with 23 years of experience in the field.
Currently Principal, Army Public School Beas.

Why we do, what we do?

Univariety was born to help Students across India be better equipped to make Career choices. Because Career Planning matters more than anything else. A student that is self-assured and has ample guidance is better equipped to make choices that are aligned to his Personality, Interest and Ability. Thus, this ensures lesser stress and a better future.

Our Guidance Philosophy

Is Math optional for your Students? How about English? No…? Then why Career Guidance?

At Univariety, we do not look at Career Guidance as an optional activity which becomes a last minute stress-inducing decision. We look at Career Guidance as a journey that a student needs to make from Middle School starting with a Psychometric Test, followed by timely Guidance from parents, teachers, counsellors, seniors and the School Management itself.

Career Guidance is an integral part of main stream education in Schools. It is our belief that every progressive school of the country must strive to provide a comprehensive Guidance experience to all its students.

Want to know us better? Because you don't want to wonder, what if…?

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